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Only one player is authorised per person : If one person has several players, all players will be destroyed.

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NEW Akeran has now a forum. You can ask any questions about Akeran, make suggestions, discuss about alliances ...

Web Interface Status

The Web interface is now completed but some commands may have been forgotten... so the text field is still available for now. The syntax for the text commands is nearly the same as for IRC : The differences are due to the absence of 'current' in the web interface. If you want to contribute to this interface (suggestions, designing pages, ...), you can either e-mail me or send a message to me (Marzal) via Akeran.
Note : You won't be notified of events (new moons, new seasons, messages from other players...) via the web interface, but you can retreive them ('Get Messages' in the menu).

Browser Compatibility

The Web interface has been designed to comply with HTML standards (HTML4, CSS, JavaScript 1.5, DOM). So, the Web Interface is best viewed with a standard compliant browser such as Mozilla based browser (Mozilla, Netscape6+, Galeon...). The Web interface is also compatible with Internet Explorer (5.5 or greater) but certain part may not work as intended.
Note : Javascript must be enabled.